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Cotter Marketing Ltd is an industry leader specialising in the distribution of industrial products. Through working directly with customers we provide bespoke plant improvement solutions with a focus on reliability, efficiency, cost-efficiency, and safety. With exclusive rights within Ireland to distribute many well-known brands of high quality plant maintenance products, industrial repair products, and industrial maintenance products, you can rest assured that we have the solutions and expertise to ensure that your plant operation is both profitable and competitive.


Choose a distributor that’s reliable and well-established. Our family-owned business dates back to 1973. For over 50 years, we’ve been able to build reliable and lasting relationships with our suppliers. They include Chesterton, Blackmer, Devcon, TB Woods, Magnaflux and many more. Therefore, when you choose Cotter Marketing for your industrial products, you can depend on us to help your plant operate smoothly and efficiently. Our team has the technical expertise needed to identify the correct industrial maintenance products for your equipment.


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Industries We Serve



As the EU’s largest net exporter of pharmaceutical products, Ireland has no shortage of pharmaceutical plant operations where our industrial products are in demand. Our mechanical seal products and solutions conform to USP and BPE guidelines and meet the stringent process requirements of today’s manufacturing environment.



Ireland’s biotech and bio-chemical industry is thriving, with 24 of the world’s top 25 biotech companies found in the country. Of course, this makes it an ideal industry for Cotter Marketing to assist with. With products such as Cleaners, Detergents, and Disinfectants, we can assist bio-chemical operations to disinfect surface areas and clean safely and thoroughly.



In the coming years, we can expect that Ireland’s marine industry will grow significantly. Marine construction, repair, and maintenance facilities, as well as marine vessels themselves, use equipment that may be exposed to harsh conditions, and as such only high quality, specialised products should be used. Marine-focused Pump and Valve Packings, for example, are essential products for resisting the elements whilst maintaining proper lubrication.


Oil & Gas

Just off the coast of Cork at Barryroe, a very large oil deposit signalled to oil and gas companies across Ireland that there’s plenty of growth potential. Whether for offshore rigs or for the construction of pipelines or other infrastructure, Gasketing Material is one of many types of industrial products offered by Cotter Marketing that can stand up to extreme temperatures and protect the precious product within.


Mining, Mineral & Ore Processing

With a rich history in coal and mineral mining, Ireland still today carries on a heritage in mining, mineral, and ore processing. Zinc and aluminium, for instance, are resource-intensive processes that involve extreme temperature conditions, and as such factories and mills need to maintain safety for employees. Industrial Flooring Systems can create plant floors that are not only durable but also slip-resistant and easy to maintain.


Water & Waste Treatment

There are approximately 1,000 wastewater treatment plants in Ireland. Keeping these types of plants well-maintained involves a lot of specialised equipment and products such as Anti-Corrosion Coatings are essential here. Where potable water is concerned, industrial products that reduce or eliminate the possibility of contamination are preferred.



With such a large emphasis on Ireland’s many pharmaceutical exports, it only makes sense that high quality, calibrated equipment and products are also in large demand in the medical industry. Magnaflux Penetrants are widely used for inspection of defects and other forms of non destructive testing. It is of the highest priority that products used do not contain materials that may present health and safety concerns, either during use or downstream.



Ireland is home to over 250 aerospace-related companies, employing around 42,000 people. Magnaflux’s range of products are used by top-level NDE pros to inspect structures, bridges, supports, ribs, fuselage parts, fuselage skin, turbine blades, valves, dampers, vanes, valve rings, nozzles, gear boxes, blisks, frames, compressor case details, flanges, torque tube assembly and many more.


Food & Beverage

Irish food and drink products are currently being exported to over 180 countries worldwide, with milk, beef, and pork being amongst the most exported products. The facilities in which food and drink are processed and prepared need to meet specific standards for health and safety, and thus require specialised maintenance products and cleaning products that are safe to use where organic matter and bacteria are involved.


General Manufacturing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re manufacturing vehicle doors or working with textiles, your plant has unique needs and demands that require specific industrial products in order to operate safely and efficiently. Whatever you produce, your equipment and plant stands to benefit from the use of high quality industrial products.

Partnership Benefits

At Cotter Marketing, customer satisfaction is one of our primary areas of focus. We strive to build lasting quality relationships with our customers because we understand that their needs go hand in hand with our interests. What are those interests? We want to make your plants run safer and more efficiently.

Partnership with Cotter Marketing is more than just a convenient solution for your plant. Streamlining supply chains and having exclusive access to many great industrial products are both noteworthy benefits, but most importantly, we want to help you get the most out of your plant so that you can boost your profitability and competitiveness.

Give your machinery the industrial repair products and equipment maintenance products that are needed and they’ll be running at peak performance. Better products help keep your equipment well-maintained and operating well within its lifespan rather than wearing out earlier than expected. In doing so, we hope that you’ll see the difference that quality makes and its effects on your plant’s bottom line, too.

Choose Cotter Marketing

Procuring the right products for your plant can be a time-consuming and laborious process, from making supplier lists to sifting through individual product descriptions. There’s plenty of risk, too, if the wrong industrial products are applied within your plant, from safety hazards to the acceleration of equipment wear.

That’s why you should choose a reliable distributor such as Cotter Marketing to help your plant thrive and succeed safely and efficiently. Contact us today and a friendly team member will be happy to provide you with quality service.