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Anti-Corrosion Coating

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    Cotter Marketing is an industry-leading distributor of anti-corrosion coating products as well as a wide range of other industrial products from reputable manufacturers. We endeavour to provide quality service for various industrial plant operations, including: power generation, pharmaceuticals, dairy, mining, food processing, local authority, and general manufacturing.

    Anti-corrosion protection is required for any metal surface and metal industrial machinery. It protects them from corrosion, which occurs due to exposure to humidity, mist, and salt. There are many ways to protect against corrosion from oxidising and thus rusting your metal surfaces and machinery, so it’s worth evaluating your options in order to maintain safe and smooth plant operations.

    Anti-corrosion coating is an ideal way to treat metal surfaces and equipment and it comes in various forms, including anti-corrosion oil and anti-corrosion grease. These anti-corrosion chemicals are made of compounds that work to prevent the buildup of rust and corrosion for short-term or long-term applications.

    Some common applications include floors, plant equipment, steel structures and parts in shipment and storage.

    Finding the right anti-corrosion coating for your specific needs can be daunting and time-consuming. That’s why Cotter Marketing proudly works with quality manufacturers and carries exclusive rights within Ireland to distribute anti-corrosion coating products from many well-known brands.

    If you’d like to learn more about our products, browse through some of our recommended products below and feel free to contact us if you’d like to enquire about how we can help your business succeed.

    anti corrosion coating

    Chesterton 752 Cold Galvanizing Compound

    High Solids, Pure Zinc, Anti-Corrosion Coating and Primer

    anti-corrosion coating

    Chesterton 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard

    Self-Healing, Corrosion-Preventative Compound

    Anti-Corrosion Coating Partnership Benefits

    A lasting partnership can be a great way to receive personalised support as well as ensuring that you’re using the right anti-corrosion coating products for your plant operations. Partnership with Cotter Marketing can yield an increase in your plant’s competitiveness, safety, reliability, and efficiency. As Ireland’s exclusive distributor of an array of anti-corrosion coating products, we understand the needs of our clients and proudly offer products that are able to help you achieve a competitive advantage in various ways, including:

    • Improve reliability and efficiency of plant equipment
    • Deliver bespoke anti-corrosion coating solutions for highly demanding environments
    • Achieve environmental compliance and reduce energy consumption
    • Lower maintenance costs and extend equipment life
    • Protect equipment from rust and corrosion

    Cotter Marketing also offers technical expertise and can consult with your plant managers, engineers, machine technicians, and other stakeholders in ensuring that your plant is operating at peak performance.

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    Our Anti-Corrosion Coating Products

    One of our suppliers, Chesterton, has a great reputation for manufacturing industrial-grade anti-corrosion oil, anti-corrosion grease, and many other products designed for various applications. Your machinery and metal surfaces are valuable investments, so don’t compromise their lifespan by using inferior anti-corrosion coating products that may not provide the desired effect. Use products that are designed specifically for your heavy-duty machinery, floors, and metal surfaces.

    Below is a sample of Chesterton’s anti-corrosion chemicals that we distribute.


    752 Cold Galvanising Compound

    The 752 Cold Galvanising Compound is both a primer and protective topcoat compound designed for use on iron, steel, and welded components that are prone to corrosion and subject to atmospheric conditions. Its advantages are:

    • High in zinc (95%)
    • Dries quickly
    • Flexible product that galvanises instantly


    740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard

    If you’re looking for a long-term anti-corrosion coating product, the 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard is built to last. Designed for heavy-duty use in multiple applications, this product works best in areas that are exposed to corrosive fumes and humidity. Its advantages are:

    • Easy to apply and remove
    • Non-peeling; no flakiness
    • In sheltered outdoor conditions, can last up to two years


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the risks of corroded metals?

    Rust may not only be visible on the metal’s exterior, but it may also begin to rust on the interior as well. Not only can rusted metal be a workplace hazard, but metal that’s been thoroughly corroded may become structurally compromised. This can lead to equipment malfunctions and lead to further risks such as injuries.

    How does coating prevent corrosion?

    Coating separates the metal from the causes of oxidisation, thereby preventing rust from accumulating. By creating an impermeable coating, the metal is no longer exposed to oxygen and humidity and is therefore resistant to rust for as long as the coating is designed to last.

    What is the best anti-corrosion product?

    Anti-corrosion chemicals that actively work to protect your specific machinery or metal surface in a safe and efficient manner will work best. Avoid using one anti-corrosion coating for multiple different applications where the product may not be particularly well-suited and always use the product as recommended.

    Are there other methods to prevent metal corrosion?

    Yes, but anti-corrosion chemicals are the best way to protect your existing plant and machinery. A long-term solution is to invest in metals that have been galvanised or anodised, using stainless steel, or using alloys consisting of nickel. This isn’t possible for all metal surfaces, machinery, or components, so you’ll have to invest in a quality anti-corrosion coating product in order to maintain and preserve the lifespan of your metals.

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    Anti-corrosion chemicals vary widely, from anti-corrosion oil products to anti-corrosion grease compounds. Don’t settle for lesser-quality products that may compromise the safety and efficiency of your plant and equipment. Contact us today and one of our friendly team members will endeavour to address your enquiry promptly and professionally.

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