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    If you’re a plant manager, engineer, technician, or procurement officer for your plant, come to Cotter Marketing for your anti seize products. As an industry-leading distributor of high-quality products with exclusive rights to top quality manufacturers, like Chesterton,across Ireland, we can help your business achieve greater profitability and competitiveness.

    Anti seize refers to products designed to prevent seizing, galling, and corrosion on flanges, bolts, fasteners, and other clamped interfaces. Furthermore, an anti seize lubricant permits easier disassembly. There are many different variations, including anti seize grease, paste, and coating products.

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    anti seize

    Chesterton 785/785 FG: Parting Lubricants

    Ceramic-Based, High Performance Anti-Seize/Thread Lubriant

    anti seize industrial lubricants

    Chesterton 900 GoldEnd® Thread Sealant Paste

    Lubricates Threads During Assembly and Disassembly; PTFE Fortified

    Anti Seize Partnership Benefits

    Partner with Cotter Marketing to obtain access to a great range of anti seize grease and lubricant products. Some of the benefits of partnership include:

    • Prevention of fastener galling during assembly
    • Produce more consistent and precise fastener clamping loads
    • Reduce loosening and gradual wear
    • Prevent water and chemicals from corroding interfaces
    • Minimise component damage during disassembly

    We assist with many other essential processes involved in plant operations across multiple industries, such as: dairy, general manufacturing, power generation, food processing, local authority, mining, and pharmaceutical. Let our technical experts work with your plant to discuss plant requirements and find solutions to meet your personalised needs.

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    Our Anti Seize Products

    Chesterton is one of our reputable suppliers of anti seize grease and lubricant products. Below is a small sample of the products they offer:


    785 Parting Lubricant

    If you need a high performance lubricant that performs well under severe pressure and temperature conditions, the 785 Parting Lubricant will help you get the job done. This multi-purpose lubricant can be used in a wide range of applications, including food and beverage processing. Its advantages are:

    • Excellent protection for metal components
    • Resilient under extreme conditions
    • Contains no toxic heavy metals
    • Greater safety when compared to more traditional metallic anti-seize lubricants


    900 GoldEnd Paste

    A thread sealant paste that’s ideal for an array of pneumatic fittings, pipe joints, and hydraulic line applications, the 900 GoldEnd Paste stands out as one of the best anti seize lubricants for your sealing needs. Its advantages are:

    • Non-hardening
    • Non-corrosive
    • Excellent lubrication for threads that seals tightly and opens easily
    • Usable at temperatures up to 260°C


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Why should I use anti seize products?

    There are many benefits to using lubricants and anti seize grease products in your plant, such as:

    • Provide assistance for interference fits
    • Improve lifespan of vibrating systems by reducing the fretting wear
    • Reduce friction on splines and couplings

    Where does anti seize need to be applied?

    A thin layer of anti seize should be applied to all interfaces in the assembly process that require it. This protects all interfaces in the system. On fastener assemblies, it should be used on:

    • Bolt and stud threadings
    • Unthreaded parts of bolts within the assembly
    • Nut faces
    • Underneath bolt faces
    • Washers

    How much anti seize lubricant or grease should be applied?

    In most cases, only a thin (~0.1mm) layer is sufficient. As bolt threads tighten, any excess anti seize will be distributed along the thread, so avoid applying excessive amounts to threads.


    How often does anti seize need to be applied?

    The compounds found within anti seize products allow it to persist through the service interval for your interfaces. This means that unlike many greases and oils used in bearings and gearboxes, it doesn’t need to be reapplied so long as fasteners and interfaces aren’t disassembled.

    In this case, components should be cleaned and anti seize product should be reapplied to ensure a safe and efficient operation.


    How do I remove anti-seize compounds from surfaces?

    High quality industrial degreaser products can remove anti seize compounds as well as most solvent cleaners. Opt for a less abrasive cleaning materials whilst cleaning, such as soft brushes or rags.

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