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Best Industrial Degreaser

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    If you’re looking for the best industrial degreaser for your business, look no further than Cotter Marketing. We have exclusive rights to heavy duty degreaser products from Chesterton within Ireland. Cotter Marketing can help your business operate more profitably, safely, reliably, and efficiently through supplier partnerships and technical expertise on various plant operations.

    Industrial cleaner and heavy duty degreaser products are essential for many industrial applications. Cleaning your plant and equipment is not just about keeping up appearances, but it’s particularly important for maintaining a safe and healthy operation.

    The first step in finding the best industrial degreaser to use in your plant is to find quality suppliers that carry industrial cleaner and heavy duty degreaser products that are designed specifically to meet your bespoke needs.

    Cotter Marketing has a friendly team of staff that can help you identify the best industrial degreaser products as well as provide industry-leading service and consultation with your engineers, plant managers, technicians, and procurement officers. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help.

    If you’re wondering how to use degreaser or where to buy degreaser, browse through our products below and keep reading to learn more about the best industrial degreaser products for your plant and machinery.

    Best industrial degreaser

    Chesterton 360 Phosphate-Free Cleaner

    Water-Based Cleaner for Natural Oils, Fats, and Organic Residues

    Best industrial degreaser

    Chesterton 801 IMS

    Industrial & Marine Biodegradable, Water-Based Degreaser​​

    water based degreasers

    Chesterton KPC 820 / 820N: Water-Based Degreaser

    Moderate pH; Safe on Most Metals

    Best Industrial degreasers

    Chesterton 346 Descaler & Chemical Cleaner

    Inhibited Acid-Based Cleaner; Safely Removes Mineral Scales

    Electric Motor Cleaner

    Chesterton 273 Electric Motor Cleaner

    Non-Flammable; High Dielectric Strength;Degreases While in Operation

    Best Industrial Degreasers

    Chesterton 274 Industrial Degreaser

    Low Evaporation Rate; Safe on All Metals and Most Plastics

    Chesterton 276 Electronic Component Cleaner

    Non-Ozone Depleting Cleaner

    Industrial Degreaser Partnership Benefits


    Partner with Cotter Marketing if you’d like access to the best industrial degreaser products for your business. There are many benefits to forming a lasting relationship with reputable distributors and suppliers of heavy duty degreaser products for your business, including:

    • Eliminate equipment degradation due to buildups of dirt and grime
    • Maintain and cleanse industrial machinery, tools, and products
    • Remove contaminants such as rust, pigmented compounds and grease
    • Protect against corrosion of metals
    • Minimise accidents and injury to staff
    • Environmentally-friendly solutions
    • Prevent mechanical failures and improve lifespan of machinery
    • Allows machinery to operate safely and efficiently

    Align your supply chain management strategy with suppliers and distributors that can provide you with quality service such as Cotter Marketing. The benefits of partnership include not only supplying great industrial cleaner and heavy duty degreaser products, but we also provide a wealth of technical expertise to improve your plant’s competitiveness and profitability.

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    Our Industrial Degreaser Products

    If you’re wondering where to buy degreaser or an industrial cleaner, have a look at some of the below products from our supplier Chesterton.


    360 Phosphate-Free Cleaner

    As newer and more environmentally-friendly industrial cleaner products are often more effective and less toxic than older products, water-based cleaners such as the 360 Phosphate-Free Cleaner can help you get the job done safely and effectively. This product is well-suited for the food industry since it works superbly at removing animal fats and vegetable oil. Its advantages are:

    • Environmentally-friendly
    • Solvent-free
    • Biodegradable
    • Non-toxic formulation
    • Highly concentrated and water soluble


    801 IMS

    Another great water-based and environmentally-friendly heavy duty degreaser is the 801 IMS. This product is highly effective at removing soil, particularly where the use of solvents is required. Ideal for industrial, marine, and food production applications. Its advantages are:

    • Biodegradable
    • Efficient and economical
    • Concentrated product
    • Non-flammable


    KPC 820

    Ideal for process degreasing, the water-based KPC 820 is both environmentally-friendly and a hardworking industrial cleaner. It’s safe to use on most metals and it efficiently removes fluids, oil deposits, residual soot, organic fats, soils, and lubrication compounds. It gives optimum results when used in Ultrasonic Baths. Its advantages are:

    • Leaves a low residue
    • Non-flammable
    • Non-toxic
    • Safe on most metals


    346 Descaler & Chemical Cleaner

    When you need a powerful acid-based cleaner, the 346 Descaler & Chemical Cleaner works well for safely removing mineral scaling. This multi-use formulation is also applicable for removing lime scale corrosion, cleaning concrete, and removing the buildup of cement from equipment. Its advantages are:

    • Eliminates rust and scale
    • Versatile formulation for multiple uses
    • Biodegradable


    273 Electric Motor Cleaner

    The 273 Electric Motor Cleaner effectively removes dirt and grime from motors and electrical plant equipment, even whilst in use. This product can be applied to all sorts of motors, engines, transformers, control panels, switches, fans, hoists, and other equipment operating up to a maximum of 240 volts. Its advantages are:

    • Non-corrosive formulation
    • High dielectric strength
    • Degreases electric motors in operation (up to 240 volts)
    • Leaves little residue and evaporates quickly


    274 Industrial Degreaser

    If you need a powerful, heavy duty degreaser for industrial and marine applications, the 274 Industrial Degreaser is a great multi-purpose product best used on metal surfaces and most plastics. Prior to application of industrial coating products, it’s important to thoroughly clean the object, which this product can assist with. Its advantages are:

    • Low evaporation rate, resulting in lower consumption and less frequent replacement
    • Does not corrode metals
    • Nearly odourless
    • Safe to use on most plastics and all metals


    276 Electronic Component Cleaner

    As an aerosol-based industrial cleaner, the 276 Electronic Component Cleaner is designed to deliver performance without harming the ozone layer due to its environmentally-friendly formulation. This product excels at removing light oils, dirt, and moisture from circuit boards, memory chips, and larger objects such as motors and actuators as well. Its advantages are:

    • Evaporates quickly
    • High purity solvent-based cleaner that leaves little residue
    • Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals
    • Safe to use on most plastics and all metals


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best industrial degreaser?

    The best industrial degreaser for your specific needs should be a product that’s safe, able to sufficiently clean or degrease the desired object, and is ideally environmentally-friendly and without toxic chemicals in its formulation.

    Ensure that you’re using products as recommended so that you don’t damage your plant or machinery and so that you don’t expose you and your employees to potentially hazardous substances.

    How does soiling affect my choice of degreaser?

    Soils refer to any unwanted substance that you intend to remove from the object in question. The best industrial greaser to use will depend on what it works best at removing. There are two main types of soiling:

    • Organic: soils from living material, such as grease, proteins, fats, oil, and fossil fuels
    • Inorganic: soils coming from minerals or chemical processes such as rust, clay, scale, and dirt

    Since most soils tend to be a combination of organic and inorganic materials, the best industrial degreaser products should work hard at removing a combination of soils effectively.

    Are all heavy duty degreaser products environmentally-friendly?

    Many older industrial degreasing products contained toxic and dangerous chemical compounds that were not only hazardous to employees, but also to wastewater and the environment as a whole.

    While some newer products still contain potentially hazardous chemical compounds if misused, most new industrial cleaners and the best industrial degreaser products are now often water-based or contain biodegradable compounds that are more effective at soil removal than older degreasers.

    Is degreaser safe for food?

    Some degreaser products are safe for use in food processing applications; some are unsafe and should be used with proper personal protective equipment due to their chemical formulations. Always use your industrial cleaner or heavy duty degreaser product as directed on the MSDS.

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    Whether you’re looking for a quality industrial cleaner or the best industrial degreaser from one of our well-known manufacturers such as Chesterton, contact Cotter Marketing. A friendly team member will be able to answer your enquiries and provide you with industry-leading expertise on how to improve your plant’s profitability and competitiveness with our heavy duty degreaser products.

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