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Industrial Lubricant Distributors

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    Industrial lubricant distributors are the tour guides of your mechanical landscape, advising you on just the right product for every requirement. Cotter Marketing offers a wide range of products that meet conditions in diverse environments. We understand that every client we serve needs advice that’s as sophisticated as the lubricants they ultimately choose. The wrong product can cause expensive equipment failures and even remove your regulatory compliance, so as industrial lubricant distributors, we provide an exceptional range of the finest options in the industry.

    Regardless of how specialised your equipment is, our industrial lubricant brands are chosen to offer you value-added operation. Explore our collection of products or connect with our team for advice.

    industrial lubricant distributors

    613 Moly Grease

    Long-Lasting, Multi-Purpose, Extreme-Pressure Grease

    industrial lubricant distributors

    622 H1 FG White Grease

    Superior Quality Food-Grade Grease

    industrial lubricant distributors

    615 High Temperature Grease

    High-performance, corrosion-inhibited, water-resistant grease.

    630 SXCF H1 FG Grease

    Synthetic, High-Temperature/High Speed, H1 Food-Grade Grease

    Chain Drive Pin & Bushing Lubricant

    601 Chain Drive Pin & Bushing Lubricant

    Extends Chain and Wire Rope Life; Reduces Energy Use

    Synthetic Lubricating Fluid

    610MT+ Synthetic Lubricating Fluid

    Minimizes Deposits at High Temperatures; Available in Two Viscosities

    Detergent Lubricating Oil

    651 Detergent Lubricating Oil

    Multiple-Purpose, Extreme-Pressure Oil; Cleans as It Lubricates

    660 Silicone Lubricant

    Low Viscosity, Penetrates Fine Tolerances; NSF H1

    690FG H1 Lubricant

    USP White Food-Grade; High-Penetrating Lubricating Oil

    Industrial Lubricants Partnership Benefits


    Whether you’re oiling chains or conveyers or merely lubricating hinges and slides, you need a range of options wide enough to serve your unique environment.

    • The right lubricant will extend the lifespan and reliability of your bearings, filters, production line, and motors under the harshest conditions.
    • Food-grade options are available, helping you to meet the stiff regulations of your industry.
    • Industrial lubricant distributors offer products that maintain their consistency in the heat and cold, even when exposed to water and steam.
    • Many lubricants have detergent properties, cleaning your equipment while they lubricate it.
    • Industrial lubricant distributors are your partners in mechanical health, helping you to reduce friction, rust, and mechanical shock.
    • The right lubricant cares for your gears, rollers, or gaskets.
    • A high-quality lubricant can reduce your replacement and maintenance costs exponentially, keeping your production line moving as it should.

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    Our Industrial Lubricants


    Chesterton 613 Moly Grease

    Moly lithium grease has a smooth texture and high melting point. It’s designed to prevent wear and tear in machinery that’s exposed to a lot of friction and shock. This is the multitasker of the industrial lubricant distributors world. Its water-resistant foundation is fortified with molybdenum disulfide, an inorganic compound dry enough to be used as either a grease or a bonded coating. Industrial lubricants suppliers recommend it as a less absorptive alternative to graphite.


    Chesterton 622 White Grease with PTFE

    Chesterton White Grease is a high temperature, food-grade compound fortified with Polytetrafluoroethylene. As a pure white grease, it’s clean and nonstaining. That makes it perfect for food machinery use. It’s tasteless and scentless, so you can also use it on your carton and bottle filling machinery.


    615 HTG: High Temperature Grease

    This grease is the workhorse of the industrial lubricant distributors industry. It’s perfect for demanding requirements, delivering excellent pressure capabilities at an impressive temperature limit of 204 degrees Celsius. 615 HTG holds onto its protective qualities even under pressure and when exposed to products with 50% water content.


    630 SXCF Extreme Pressure Grease

    Chesterton is one of the finest industrial lubricants manufacturers in the industry, and 630 SXCF is one of its many food-grade greases. As an oil-soluble, high viscosity grease, it combines anti-corrosion properties with extreme temperature stability. It complies with FDA regulation 178.3570 and has a temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to 240 degrees Celsius It resists water washout and heat.


    601 Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant

    Industrial lubricants can extend the lifespan of your chain and wire equipment by as much as four times. Chesterton 601 penetrates equipment rapidly, increasing its load carrying power while preventing dust build-up. It has rust-inhibiting properties, achieving a lasting, non-drying barrier without forming sticky residues.


    730 Spragrip Belt Dressing

    This easy-to-use aerosol lubricant is ideal for preventing belt slippage and increasing grip. The 730 Spragrip Belt Dressing helps to condition and prevent hardening on leather, canvas, and polymer belts. Its advantages are:

    • Doesn’t cause glazing or hardening
    • Doesn’t contain aggressive solvents
    • Prevents buildup of dirt and grime
    • Preserves belts and extends lifespan of machinery
    • Regulates belt slippage due to moisture or changes in temperature


    610 Synthetic Lubricating Fluid

    Synthetic lubricating fluid tends to perform better and last longer than alternatives so it’s a favourite among industrial lubricant distributors. 610 resists carbonising and won’t transform into a lacquer at extreme temperatures. This is the lubricant you need in hot manufacturing conditions. It even removes old lubricant build-up, so it’s the ideal solution for lubricating curing ovens. It’s widely used in heat-treating conveyers and oven chains thanks to its impressive heat resistance.


    651 Detergent Lubricating Oil

    If you need a multi-purpose lubricant with active detergent additives, you’ve met your match. 651 detergent lubricant oil prolongs an extensive range of equipment, clearing away sludge while it reduces your replacement costs. It’s used to lubricate pneumatic equipment, assembly lines, and electric motors. It’s the ideal companion for machine shop workers and repair staff.


    660 Silicone Food-Grade Lubricant

    Silicone lubricant is a favourite among industrial lubricants distributors for its food-grade, scentless purity. Chesterton 660 is clean and transparent, so it’s the go-to product in the food and beverage industry, too. It resists temperatures of -40 to 205 degrees C, and it won’t stain or soil your equipment. It’s ideal for lubricating sliding surfaces and mechanical equipment made from metal, plastic, and rubber.


    690FG H1 Food-Grade Lubricant

    This is a food grade lubricant pure enough for food, beverage and drug manufacturing. It protects your equipment from wear and can be used as anti-seize protection

    Where Can I Buy Industrial Lubricants?

    Industrial lubricants aren’t all made alike. You need a service provider who stocks the finest brands, along with enough range to help you find just the right product for your needs. Of course, you also need service excellence. The advice you receive and the quality you buy will have a direct impact on the lifespan of expensive equipment, so only the best will do.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is it important to keep components clean?

    Dirty components can cause premature damage, and sludge can reduce efficiency. This has a direct impact on the lifespan of your motors and other equipment, so you need a lubricant with fewer impurities. They’re less likely to create sludge, removing the need for an oil with detergent properties.

    How do lubricants protect my equipment?

    By reducing friction, lubricants decrease wear and tear, forming a protective film between moving surfaces. They can also reduce heat exposure in environments that can reach 300 degrees C. Corrosion and rust ultimately eat away at metal parts, leading to breakage. It’s critical to use best-in-class protection.

    Which lubricants should I use in a food production plant?

    While lubricants won’t necessarily come into contact with your food or beverages, H1 lubricants are required to meet FDA regulations, which apply to all food processing and handling applications. There are a number of food-grade lubricants on the market that are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation. Look for NSF-H1 products such as those made from PTFE or silicone.

    Contact Cotter Marketing

    The right industrial lubricant will ensure the health and reliability of your equipment, limiting corrosion and wear while keeping your equipment functioning at peak capacity. Cotter Marketing cover a range of niches, including pump solutions, metal and concrete coatings, gasket, joint, and mechanical seals. We also offer non-destructive testing to assess the integrity and quality of your components. Contact our team to explore your industrial lubricant needs.