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    Cotter Marketing Ltd. is a leading distributor of penetrating oils and metal working fluid products designed for a wide array of uses. As an industry leader for over 35 years, Cotter Marketing provides customers with products and solutions designed to increase profitability, efficiency, and safety in plant operations of all types. Our penetrating oil products come from world-leading manufacturer Chesterton, who have granted Cotter Marketing exclusive rights within Ireland to distribute their high-quality penetrating oils and other products.

    Penetrating oil and Lubricants are essential for ensuring the smooth and safe operation of plant machinery and mechanical parts. As a low-viscosity lubricant, it’s ideal for penetrating mechanical parts and machinery common within a typical plant.

    Over the counter penetrating oil solutions should not be used for specific industrial applications because these oils tends to be highly volatile. Purpose-designed penetrating oil and lubricant products are ideal for lubricating chains, pneumatics, plastics, and wire ropes. Moreover, selecting the correct lubricant can yield an improvement in the reliability of machinery as well as lowering the operating cost.

    Please browse through some of our penetrating oil and lubricant products below for further information. Don’t hesitate to contact a friendly member of our team if you’d like to know more about how Cotter Marketing can help your operation.

    Tapping fluid

    Chesterton 388 Synthetic Tapping Fluid

    Biodegradable Drilling, Tapping, and Cutting Fluid

    penetrating oil

    Chesterton 390 Cutting Oil

    Oil-Based; For All Types of Metal Cutting and Forming

    Penetrating Oil

    Chesterton 723/723FG Sprasolvo®

    Fast-Acting Penetration Oil Spray; Aerosol Version

    Goldend sealant tape

    Chesterton 800 GoldEnd® Sealant Tape

    Seals Tightly; Oxygen Safe; Chemically Resistant

    Penetrating oil Belt Dressing

    Chesterton 730 Spragrip® Belt Dressing

    Reduces Belt Slippage; Conditions and Prevents Hardening

    Penetrating Oils & Metal Working Fluid Partnership Benefits


    If you’re looking to increase the competitiveness of your plant operations, Cotter Marketing can help. As a trusted distributor of quality penetrating oil and lubricant products, it’s easy to see the advantages of doing business with us. Some of the benefits of partnership include:

    • Achieve more efficient and reliable machine operations
    • Supply the best penetrating oil solutions designed for demanding environments
    • Achieve environmental compliance and reduce energy consumption
    • Reduce costs of maintenance; extend equipment lifespans
    • Increase equipment reliability

    Furthermore, Cotter Marketing also offers technical expertise with regards to plant operational requirements. Our technical specialists can help your plant become more profitable, efficient, and a safer work environment and therefore a more successful one.

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    Our Penetrating Oil and Metal Working Fluid Products

    We distribute a wide variety of quality penetrating oil products and lubricants designed for industrial applications. Since machinery differs so much in terms of use, maintenance, and repair, there is no one-size-fits-all product that should be used for all of your plant equipment.

    Industrial plant equipment,/b> and machinery is not only critical to the operation of your business, but it’s also a big investment that deserves the utmost of care. Keeping industrial equipment running smoothly and safely requires proper maintenance and repair components, including penetrating oil and lubricants.

    Cotter Marketing has exclusive rights within Ireland to distribute high-quality products from various industry-leading brands such as Chesterton. It’s important to use specialised lubricating oil products made for their intended purpose, so don’t skimp on quality and risk the operation of your machinery with multi-purpose lubricants that aren’t designed for industrial plant equipment.

    Here are some various penetrating oil reviews to provide you an idea of what we offer our clients:


    388 Synthetic Tapping Fluid

    The 388 Synthetic Tapping Fluid is a synthetic formula that’s ideal for high machinery speeds, including manual and automatic cutting applications. This lubricant can be applied to the following types of machinery: tapping, boring, reaving, threading, drilling, and milling. Its advantages are:

    • Odourless
    • Ready to use
    • Biodegradable
    • Excellent heat dissipation
    • Extends lifespan of tools


    390 Cutting Oil

    For metal cutting and forming, the 390 Cutting Oil is a great oil-based lubricant for heavy-duty machinery performing: broaching, boring, drilling, sawing, reaming, milling, tapping, and countersinking. Its advantages are:

    • Rust protection
    • Usable on hard and soft metals alike
    • Additives to protect against extreme pressures
    • Provides excellent tool longevity
    • Yields clean cuts in metals


    723 Sprasolvo Penetrating Oil

    If you’re trying to get into hard-to-reach areas to remove nuts, bolts, and fittings, opt for an aerosol canister such as the 723 Sprasolvo Penetrating Oil. This co2, aerosol-based penetrating oil works great in confined spaces that may be cluttered with dirt, rust, tar, and grease. It can be used on all corroded and threaded assemblies. Its advantages are:

    • Food grade product
    • Easy point-and-spray application
    • Fast-acting
    • Low surface tension
    • Safe for use on painted and plastic surfaces


    800 GoldEnd Tape

    Although not a penetrating oil, the 800 GoldEnd Tape by Chesterton helps keep machinery running safely and efficiently by providing a heavy-duty, tight seal around metal and plastic threads and bolts. It’s resistant to tearing and made of PTFE, making it an ideal choice for sealing even under more extreme conditions. Its advantages are:

    • Works on temperatures ranging from -240°C to 260°C
    • Seals tightly, opens easily
    • Requires less wrapping
    • Resistant to tears and breakage
    • Doesn’t age or harden over time


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best penetrating oil?

    It’s important to differentiate between household and automotive-grade penetrating oils, which can be applied to multi-purpose applications safely, and industrial lubricants, which are better suited for heavy-duty use and conditions under which a specialised product can be safely applied.

    Industrial machinery can operate at extremely high speeds, under extreme temperatures, and for longer periods of continuous use than bicycle gears or a squeaky patio door, for example. The best penetrating oil for your plant operations is one that’s safe to use and uses synthetic or oil-based lubrication designed for your specific application. This will ensure that your machinery operates efficiently for years to come.

    Can I use an all-purpose penetrating lubricant for my plant?

    No. Using over the counter products from your hardware store is not advised for heavy-duty industrial plant equipment, because industrial machinery needs to meet far more demanding usage and as such specialised penetrating oil products are recommended.

    Does penetrating oil prevent rust?

    It depends on the formulation, but many penetrating fluids not only help you to break apart obstructions to rusted bolts and seals, but will also leave behind a residue which acts to prevent the buildup of rust in the future.

    Why are penetrating fluids unsafe to use as all-purpose lubricants?

    All-purpose penetrating fluids are relatively volatile. Consequently, the penetrating oil will evaporate quickly and leave behind less lubrication.

    Is penetrating oil flammable?

    Yes. Even the best penetrating oil products have a flashpoint and can become flammable upon reaching said flashpoint. Higher quality products may use formulations that are better at dissipating heat and thus have a higher flashpoint.

    Always ensure that you’re using a penetrating oil that’s suitable for use on your industrial machinery, as some products have a much lower flashpoint than tolerable for heavy-duty use.

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