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Abrasion Resistance

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    Cotter Marketing is an industry-leading distributor of quality abrasion resistant products designed to help your plant operation thrive and succeed. Through our exclusive rights to distribute products from well-known manufacturers ,such as Devcon, within Ireland, Cotter Marketing has many high performance solutions for even the most demanding of applications.

    Abrasion resistance can be defined as the ability of materials to resist surface wear, commonly caused by materials rubbing against the surface in question.

    In addition to abrasion resistant products, Cotter Marketing also proudly carries a wide range of metal coating, concrete coating, and chemical resistant products designed to seal, protect, and beautify flooring and equipment of all types. If you need assistance or technical expertise, have your plant manager, engineer, equipment technician or procurement officer Contact Us to learn about how we can help.

    abrasion resistance

    Dfense Blok

    A revolutionary wear and abrasion protection epoxy compound.

    abrasion resistance

    Flexane High Performance Putty

    High-performance, trowelable lining for maximum protection.

    Brushable Ceramic

    Low-viscosity, alumina-filled, brushable epoxy compound.

    Abrasion Resistance Partnership Benefits


    Streamline your supply chain and boost your plant quality and effectiveness by partnering with Cotter Marketing for your abrasion resistant products.

    Here are some of the benefits you can experience by partnering with Cotter Marketing:

    • Increased longevity through greater wear resistance
    • Less costly maintenance and repairs over time
    • Reduce damage from gouging and impact
    • Raise protective barriers against not only abrasion, but also corrosion, erosion, chemicals, and gradual wear

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    Selection Of Abrasion Resistant Products We Supply

    Coating solutions come in a variety of forms, from putty-like compounds to more viscous epoxy polymers. Cotter Marketing carries a wide range of products from great suppliers such as Chesterton and Devcon.

    Here is a sample of their abrasion resistance products:


    Dfense Blok

    Epoxy-based compound Dfense Blok is truly a superior product in terms of wear and abrasion resistance. It stands out for its superb ability to stand up to tough conditions, where other products are prone to failure.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Great for high impact conditions
    • Four-fold abrasion resistance when compared to competing products
    • Excellent sliding abrasion resistance


    Flexane High Performance Putty

    Designed for lining and protecting equipment used in processing, Flexane High Performance Putty can be easily troweled into place for strong protection against gouging, impact, and of course, abrasion.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Uses Flexane Primers to provide excellent adhesion
    • Bondable to most surfaces, including wood, rubber, concrete, metal, and fibreglass
    • Tough and resilient rubber compound


    Brushable Ceramic

    When you need a smooth protective barrier to resist wear and abrasion, Brushable Ceramic epoxy compound will help you get the job done efficiently. Applied to a 10-15 ml thickness coating, this low-viscosity epoxy compound works wonders against not only abrasion, but also protects against chemical spills, erosion, and corrosion.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Creates a low-friction surface
    • Applicable at very high temperatures
    • Acceptable for use in food processing applications


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most abrasion resistant metal?

    Outside of scientific experiments with gold and platinum alloys, the most abrasion resistant metal commonly used today is abrasion resistant steel. Steel alloys containing additional carbon, manganese, and chromium assist with abrasion resistance.

    What is abrasion testing?

    Abrasion testing is the means by which materials such as surfaces and coatings are tested for their ability to resist or succumb to friction in various environments. This enables the tester to determine the lifespan of the tested object, as well as its ability to resist against rupturing, damage, and gradual wear due to the forces of frictional abrasion.

    What is metal abrasion?

    Metal abrasion is the frictional wearing out or grinding away of metals, such as between components in a piece of machinery. Abrasion is undesirable due to its ability to compromise the lifespan and safety of the equipment, so measures should be taken to protect against and mitigate abrasion of metals. This can include the application of coating materials designed to reduce metal abrasion

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    Abrasion resistance products are important for maintaining a safe and efficient plant operation, so don’t settle for inferior products or service from suppliers or distributors that don’t fully understand your technical needs. This is why you should endeavour to contact us at Cotter Marketing so that you’re getting the best technical expertise to help you remain profitable and competitive in your industry.

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