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Anti Slip Concrete Coating

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    If you’re looking for concrete repair or anti-slip coating for your plant or facility, Cotter Marketing has a great range of concrete coating products to fit your needs.

    Anti-slip concrete coatings are a great way to beautify and strengthen concrete structures and concrete floors. Floor coatings come in liquid or semi-liquid form and may contain epoxy resin, polyaspartic resin, or other additives to create a rapid curing, anti-slip surface that requires less maintenance and ongoing costs than simply a cured concrete floor.

    Cotter Marketing carries high performance concrete coating products from well-known manufacturers. You can rest assured that our anti-slip coating and concrete repair products will get the job done to a high standard. Our concrete coating products, as well as our metal coating, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistant products can help your operation remain safe, efficient, easy to maintain, and competitive.

    Cotter Marketing has qualified experts ready to assist your plant manager, engineers, equipment technicians, and health and safety officers with all matters related to concrete coating and more. Contact a member of our team if you’d like assistance with our services.

    Floor Grip

    Very porous substrates may need to be primed.

    concrete coating

    Pumaintain Floor Repair

    Heavy-duty epoxy compound with silicone carbide granules.

    Concrete Coating Partnership Benefits


    If you need high performance, quality concrete coating products, consider a partnership with Cotter Marketing. Through our exclusive distribution rights within Ireland, we’re happy to partner with plants in all industries looking for the very best in technical expertise and high performance concrete coating product solutions.

    Here are some of the benefits of choosing Cotter Marketing as a distributor for your concrete coating products:

    • Protect against heavy foot traffic, chemical spills, abrasion, and gradual wear and tear on your concrete floor
    • Resist moisture, UV light, chemicals, and more in car parks and concrete footpaths
    • Repel moisture and water penetration from snow and rain
    • Reduce the opportunity for rusting of reinforcing steel to spread within concrete structures and floors

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    Our Concrete Coating Products

    Our concrete coatings come in various formulations designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you require polyaspartic resin, epoxy resin, or anti-slip concrete coating products, we carry a wide range of high performance products from great suppliers such as Chesterton, Resdev and Devcon.

    Here are some examples of our concrete coating products:


    Devcon Floor Grip

    As an epoxy resin concrete flooring product, Floor Grip is easily rolled or brushed onto ramps, walkways, stairs, and other surfaces where you’re looking for an excellent anti-slip surface. This product contains silicone carbide granules, which makes it an ideal choice for high performance slip resistance.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Applicable at low temperatures both indoors and outdoors
    • Acceptable for food processing applications
    • Flexible product that can be applied to brick, steel, concrete, and aluminium surfaces


    Resdev Pumaintain Floor Repair

    This is a thick, mortar-based synthetic resin concrete flooring repair product that is designed to meet heavy duty requirements for concrete floor resistance to impact and abrasion from heavy foot and vehicular traffic. As an easy to use product, it’s also flexible and doesn’t require the use of floor primers before application. It is ideal for carrying out patch repairs to existing floors.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Easy to apply; simply trowel to finish
    • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
    • Perfect for small repairs


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can old concrete be resurfaced?

    Yes. Old, cracked concrete can be resurfaced, but if the damage is too great or if the concrete is no longer structurally sound, you may need to demolish and rebuild instead of resurfacing. If in doubt, consult an engineer for a professional opinion.

    Does epoxy paint seal concrete?

    Epoxy compounds create a protective layer for concrete structures and concrete floors which seals areas it covers from moisture, chemical spills, and protects it from abrasion.

    What does epoxy do to concrete?

    Epoxy resin fills in cracks, holes, and voids in old and battered concrete. It corrects damage, creates an impermeable resistance to moisture and spills, and leaves behind a clean and smooth finish to your concrete flooring.

    What is the best epoxy for concrete?

    The best epoxy resin product for concrete floor solutions is one that is designed to meet your needs. Whether it’s more for a clean and sleek look, added durability, reduced maintenance and repair costs, or for its excellent abrasion resistance, the best epoxy resin is ideally able to tick all of these boxes as well as being easy to apply and sets quickly. Cotter Marketing carries high performance brands from well-known manufacturers.

    How soon can you epoxy new concrete?

    Concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 28 days to achieve its structural integrity. Depending on climate and moisture, as well as the blend of concrete and the presence of quick drying additives, this may be shorter or much longer. Only apply epoxy resin to concrete that has achieved sufficient structural integrity.

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    Shopping for suppliers of concrete coating products that carry just the right products for your plant operation can be a lot of work. At Cotter Marketing, we are industry experts with decades of experience, helping plant managers and engineers make the correct product choices for their operations. Contact us today and see for yourself how our friendly team can boost your plant’s competitiveness and profitability with our great products.

    In addition to concrete coating products, we also specialise in the following areas:

    Our technical specialists are here to help your business thrive and succeed with informed expertise and quality products from well-known brands. Partner with Cotter Marketing today as a solution to your business needs.