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Chemical Resistant Coatings

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    At Cotter Marketing, we provide the best Chemical Resistant coatings available in Ireland! We work with many different industrial clients that have to keep their factories and work spaces clean and safe. So we understand how important keeping your manufacturing plants’ flooring and equipment in perfect condition is! That’s why we have exclusive distribution deals in Ireland with manufacturers of the best chemical resistant concrete and metal coatings on the market today such as Devcon.

    Having a floor that gets damaged by chemical spillages or droplets, dropped machinery, or wear and tear can cause damage which creates a trip, slip or fall hazard for your employees. As they will be working around chemicals, machinery and many other hazards, keeping your floors flat, level and even is incredibly important for their safety and your liability!

    The chemical resistant coatings we offer protect against acids, alkalis, organic solvents, erosion and general use. They also suit all budgets, so whether you’re a small manufacturing plant, an industrial factory or even a power plant, we have the right product for you! These coatings can be applied with paint brushes, rollers or squeegees in smaller areas and also with component spraying for larger floor areas and sloped or vertical surfaces.

    chemical resistant concrete coating

    ARC CS4

    Mineral-Reinforced Severe Chemical Resistant Concrete Coating

    chemical resistant coating

    ARC 988

    Trowel-Applied, Quartz-Reinforced Concrete Resurfacer

    Erosion Resistant Coating

    ARC SD4i

    High Temperature Ceramic-Reinforced Erosion Resistant Coating

    Chemical Resistant Coating Product Supplier Partnership Benefits

    Chemical Resistant Coating Benefits:

    • Resurface old, worn or chemically damaged concrete, or protect new concrete
    • Replace acid resistant tiles, chemical resistant paints and other non resistant chemical coatings
    • Protects and stabilises your floor and equipment against organics and organic solvents, harsh alkalis and concentrated acids
    • Helps provide surfaces with long-term protection in chemical immersion services
    • Provides a safe working environment for your staff, visitors, contractors and others in the working environment
    • Rapid drying and curing in any temperatures
    • Designed for ease of application, using sprayer, trowel, brush, roller or squeegee
    • Easily cleaned and hygienic

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    Our Chemical Resistant Coating Products

    When it comes to Chemical Resistant coatings, we offer many different options – a sampling of which are described below.


    ARC CS4

    Made from 100% solids, this mineral-reinforced industrial strength concrete over-layment is designed to be highly resistant to chemicals and wear, while also having a low viscosity. While the film may be thin, it is made to provide long-lasting protection against damage and severe chemical spillage. It can be applied through any normal method of applying paint or coating, including anything from paint brushes, to spray machines.


    ARC 988

    This highly resistant quartz-reinforced concrete resurfacer is designed to surface new concrete and rebuild old concrete surfaces damaged by physical and chemical degradation. It is novolac resin-based and protects against organic solvents, alkalis and concentrated acids up to 98% sulphuric acid, so can withstand some very heavy chemical attack. This concrete resurfacer is applied using a trowel and cannot be applied with a spray system.


    ARC SD4i

    This coating for metal is designed for extreme immersion and very high temperatures. It is reinforced with ceramic and is made with 100% solids. ARC SD4i can be applied by any normal paint application method, including brushes, trowels, spray systems and rollers. This coating is often used in power plants due to its temperature withstanding properties.


    Remember, these products are only available in Ireland from us as we are the exclusive suppliers of ARC in Ireland! If you like the look of either of these products and want to get in touch about these or any of the other high performance products we sell, then get in touch with our team on +353 21 496 4844!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best concrete floor sealer?

    While there are many floor sealers on the market, there’s not necessarily a ‘best’ sealer, but one most suitable for the situation it’s needed in! For example, you’ll need a much different concrete floor sealer in a university chemistry laboratory than in an industrial sized power plant!

    The best concrete floor sealer for you would depend on whether damage to the floor would be more likely due to everyday wear and tear and the occasional chemical spill and will just need to be hardy, or is constantly immersed in acid. You’ll also want to bear in mind the temperatures it’s working at, whether it’ll be within the normal livable range or will have to deal with extreme temperatures or rapid temperature changes.

    Each situation is different and you’ll find that your situation’s best concrete floor sealer may not be someone else’s!

    How long does it take for concrete coating to dry

    When applying concrete coatings, especially in high work areas, knowing how long they’ll take to dry is especially important! The good news for you is that concrete coatings usually dry and set very quickly. It is important to note that the actual drying time will depend a lot on the temperature and humidity of the environment, so it’s always best to go with the high-end of estimates to ensure it’s safe to work with!

    Always make sure to check the label and data sheet for the coating you are buying to ensure you get the most accurate drying time data!

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    Here at Cotter Marketing, we understand that buying the right products for your business can be a difficult task. You have to balance budget constraints, the right product for the job, how much you need and many other factors. Luckily our team is here to help you out!

    Give us a call on +353 21 496 4844 or email us at info@cottermarketing.ie. Our friendly, professional customer service team can help guide you towards the right product for your needs and offer a tailored recommendation that will work for you and your business.

    Remember, we don’t just sell high performance chemical resistant coatings! We provide plenty of other essential industrial products from gaskets and joint seals to industrial lubricants and mechanical seals and much more besides!

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