Epoxy Coatings for Metal

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    Epoxy coatings for metal effectively rebuild equipment to original specifications or prevent failures from occurring in industrial and marine applications. They include epoxy and urethane coatings for metal repair, rubber repair, belt repair, corrosion repair and floor repair. The specially formulated epoxy coatings also protect handling & storage equipment from continuous wear and abrasion.

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    Epoxy Coatings for Metal

    Wear Resistant Liquid

    Ceramic filled epoxy liquid for castings with exceptional durability.

    Epoxy Coatings for Metal

    Flexane 80 Liquid

    Castable, non-shrinking, medium-viscosity urethane compound.

    Titanium Putty

    High-performance, non-rusting titanium-reinforced epoxy.

    Plastic Steel Putty (A)

    Plastic Steel® is the original metal-filled epoxy putty.

    Epoxy Coatings for Metal

    Plastic Steel 5 Minute Putty (SF)

    Fast-curing, steel-filled epoxy for dependable emergency repairs.

    Stainless Steel Putty (ST)

    Stainless steel-filled epoxy putty for patching, repairing and rebuilding.

    Epoxy Coatings for Metal

    Aluminium Putty (F)

    Aluminum-filled epoxy putty for dependable non-rusting repairs.

    Metal Coating Supplier Partnership Benefits

    Epoxy coatings for metal are expected to perform in the harshest environments. They must protect surfaces against highly corrosive marine ecosystems yet be safe enough for incidental contact with food products and pharmaceuticals. Navigating the market is challenging, even if you know your way around epoxies. An effective partnership has several other benefits.

    • Implement a lifetime rust-prevention program.
    • Help you to achieve exceptional surface protection on surfaces that must be safe enough for incidental contact with food.
    • Ensure that your epoxy coating for metal lasts as long as the equipment it protects.
    • Reduce downtime and replacement costs.

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    About Epoxy

    Our products include:


    Wear Resistant Liquid

    This epoxy is reinforced with ceramics and contains adhesives that bond to aluminum, exotic metals, and even silicone. It offers extreme abrasion resistance and the flexibility to resist cracking. It prevents rust and has a Class One fire and smoke rating. If you need a machinable coating for equipment that comes into contact with food, this is the ideal epoxy coating for metal.


    Flexane 80 Liquid

    This non-shrinking urethane can be used for surfaces that need a hardy yet flexible coating. It’s castable and has a slightly viscous consistency.


    Titanium Putty

    If you need an epoxy coating for metal that has superb temperature and chemical resistance, this titanium-reinforced coating stands up to extreme environments.


    Plastic Steel Putty

    This is another metal-reinforced putty tough enough for drilling and machining. It also resists gasoline and oil. It’s often used to repair surfaces that cannot be fixed with welding.


    Anti-Slip Coatings for Metal

    Anti-slip finishes can be applied to steel, epoxy, and concrete. Marine-grade epoxy can also be combined with grit to prevent skids.


    Polyurethane Coatings

    Industrial polyurethane coatings are tough enough for under-sea applications, preventing rust in the harshest marine environments. They’re aesthetically pleasing and resist mechanical pressure, UV damage, and chemical wear.


    Aluminum Putty

    This epoxy putty is a reliable option for castings, industrial equipment, and HVAC products. It’s often used to fix components, sealing the pores in aluminum castings to achieve a water and chemical-resistant surface.

    In addition to epoxy coating for metal, we provide concrete coatings and those that achieve extreme abrasion resistance. If you need a chemical resistant option, we stock products for your requirements, too.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you coat over a peeling coating?

    Many of the epoxy products on the market are merely enamel paints with a small amount of epoxy additives, so they’re prone to cracking. A quality epoxy coating for metal is far more powerful and can be used over a failed coating. It may require power washing, degreasing, or scraping prior to recoating. A primer can help achieve stronger adhesion.

    What kind of epoxy should be used in food production?

    Food grade epoxies can be used on food processing equipment.

    How does the viscosity of epoxy affect your coating?

    The thickness of your epoxy determines the thickness of your coating. A fluid epoxy will form a thin surface, but even a 4 to 6 mil coating can achieve excellent abrasion resistance. Insufficient thickness can nonetheless reduce performance. If your surface is going to be exposed to petroleum products or heavy abrasion, you will probably need a much thicker layer of epoxy. Viscosity alone cannot achieve the right protection. The use of diluents can thin your coating, ultimately leading to cracking and pinpoint rusting.


    Cotter Marketing has the skill to guide your choice of epoxy and keep it intact through preventative testing and maintenance. We source only the finest products. Your equipment is our passion. Cotter Marketing works with a wide range of industry specialists to source the very best in industrial products. Whether you are looking for epoxy or anything from gaskets and joint seals to industrial lubricants and mechanical seals, Cotter Marketing can provide what you need at a competitive price point.

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