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Non Destructive Testing

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    Cotter Marketing is an industry-leading distributor of products designed for non destructive testing methods. Our products and technical expertise can help your plant operation thrive and succeed safely, reliably, efficiently, and profitably.

    Non destructive testing involves techniques of analysis to measure and evaluate the properties of materials, components, or systems without causing damage. Because non destructive testing methods don’t damage items being inspected, it’s a great way to reduce costs as well as time spent evaluating, troubleshooting, and researching your products and manufactured goods.

    Cotter Marketing is proudly an exclusive distributor in Ireland of many high-quality products designed for various types of non destructive testing methods. As such, our friendly team members can help you and your plant operation achieve greater success and profitability by working closely with your plant to identify and deliver the best products for your parts and equipment.

    The information below aims to inform plant managers, machine technicians, engineers, and procurement officers of the various types of non destructive testing methods available as well as showcase some of our recommended products.

    There are many types of non destructive testing methods, but some of the main categories include:

    Non Destructive Testing

    Liquid Penetrant Testing

    Magnetic Particle Inspection

    Magnetic Particle Inspection

    UV Lamps

    Non Destructive Testing Partnership Benefits

    A key component of supply chain management is fostering lasting relationships with quality suppliers and distributors. Partnership with Cotter Marketing for products designed for various types of non destructive testing methods yields not only access to high-quality, exclusive products from well-known brands, but you can also expect the following benefits:

    • Reduce product waste
    • Eliminates the need to shut down equipment during testing
    • Prevent accidents and therefore reduce costs associated with repairs
    • Isolate problematic products and components
    • Eliminate the need for sampling with continuous testing

    It’s important to consider working with suppliers that have a track record of reputation within their industry so that you’re getting products designed for your specific needs. Through a partnership with Cotter Marketing, you can rest assured that you’re gaining access to great products and service through our extensive technical expertise.

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    Our Non Destructive Testing Products

    When it comes to different types of non destructive testing methods, there’s no one-size-fits-all product. That’s why specific industrial-grade products from reputable suppliers such as Magnaflux provide reliable evaluation and troubleshooting as necessary.

    If your plant requires a reliable means of liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, or UV lamps, you should endeavour to be using products that are easy to use and can help you accurately identify any material flaws or imperfections with a good degree of precision.

    Fortunately, many liquid and powder-based compounds can reliably provide non destructive testing with results appropriate for even the most demanding of applications, including aerospace and safety-critical components and products.

    Below is a selection of non destructive testing products that can help your plant production achieve your goals in non destructive testing, whether it be through liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, or UV lamps.


    This visible dye penetrant is a removable solvent designed for control checks, weld inspections, and preventative maintenance. SKL-SP2 is a vivid red colour that’s visible when testing under white light. Useable on a wide variety of metals and non-porous ceramics, this product is an ideal industrial non destructive testing product. Its advantages are:

    • Excellent penetrant
    • Multiple applications
    • Easy to use
    • Low toxicity
    • Nearly odourless



    This fluffy white dry powder creates a thin film on products which allows for a closer inspection of flaws and ultra-fine discontinuities. ZP-4B comes ready to use, making it an ideal choice for quick and efficient non destructive testing. Its advantages are

    • Thin and evenly distributed coverage
    • Increases visibility of fine discontinuities


    14HF – Magnetic particle inspection method

    When it comes to magnetic particle inspection methods, 14HF enables superb performance of precise inspections on high-stress components and products. As an oil-based particle ink, this product works hard to identify critical discontinuities in highly accurate and safety-critical applications such as aerospace. Its advantages are:

    • Low maintenance product
    • Fluorescent green indications provide high contrast
    • Provides even coverage of surfaces
    • Protection against corrosion
    • High sensitivity


    EV6000 UV Lamp

    Portable, handheld UV lamps such as the EV6000 UV Lamp can help you identify and evaluate your products by means of fluorescent penetrant testing as well as magnetic particle inspections. With no hot spots and a 23 cm beam width, this product is amongst the widest handheld UV lamps in the industry. Its advantages are:

    • Minimise inspection times
    • Usable on a wide range of applications
    • Lightweight and comfortable


    Carrier II

    If wet method particle testing is required in your plant, Carrier II is an excellent petroleum base suspension vehicle for your non destructive testing needs. As a high-purity NDT-approved product, it’s designed to help you achieve magnetic particle inspections reliably and to specifications. Its advantages are:

    • Excellent particle mobility
    • Low toxicity
    • Stable across a range of temperatures
    • Low volatility
    • High flash point


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is non destructive testing?

    Non destructive testing is the process of inspecting, evaluating, and troubleshooting test objects such as products and components for discontinuities or flaws without impairing the object’s usability.

    How many types of non destructive testing methods are there?

    There are many advantages to non destructive testing. Various methods and products can be used to inspect objects of all types of sizes and shapes and of various materials without impairing the object in the process. Moreover, non destructive testing allows for the identification of very fine flaws and discontinuities in your products.

    • Eddy-current testing
    • Magnetic particle testing
    • Liquid penetrant testing
    • Radiographic testing
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Visual testing

    What are the advantages of non destructive testing?

    There are many advantages to non destructive testing. Various methods and products can be used to inspect objects of all types of sizes and shapes and of various materials without impairing the object in the process. Moreover, non destructive testing allows for the identification of very fine flaws and discontinuities in your products.

    What’s the difference between destructive and non destructive testing?

    As the name implies, destructive testing allows for product evaluation and troubleshooting through impairment of the product in the process. This can be done to measure tensile and compressive strength amongst other metrics. Non destructive testing does not impair the product during the process of inspection.

    Why is non destructive testing important?

    Non destructive testing is crucial for meeting safety and reliability targets for produced goods because it allows for a high degree of inspection and evaluation.

    What is non destructive weld testing?

    Weld connections are prone to load-bearing and fatigue over time, which can lead to failure. Non destructive weld testing ensures that welds are not defective by means of inspecting for surface and subsurface deficiencies and imperfections.

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