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    Cotter Marketing Pump Packing

    Cotter Marketing carries many types of valve packing for your plant operations. With exclusive rights within Ireland to distribute the Chesterton range of valve packing products, our products and expertise can help your operation succeed and thrive.

    Cotter Marketing Ltd. proudly provides quality pump packing solutions for multiple industries, including: Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Local Authority, Mining, Dairy, Food Processing, General Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Bio-Pharma.

    The Chesterton portfolio of pump packings is manufactured from high grade raw materials using state of the art braiding equipment. They incorporate ‘break in’ lubricants, which makes for better leakage control and little or no shaft wear. br>

    Profitable plant performance requires rigorous maintenance, cleaning, and repairs of your valuable plant equipment. Consequently, your equipment deserves the best care to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.

    We sell and distribute a wide range of pump and valve packing as well as stem packing products from Chesterton, a world-leading manufacturer. If you work in procurement or as an engineer, machine technician, or project manager, please feel free to browse through our pump and valve packing products.

    Below is some helpful information regarding pump and valve packing. If you’d like to enquire about our pump, valve, and stem packing products, please feel free to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to assist you.

    Pump Packing

    DualPac 2212

    High-Performance, Non-Staining, Multi-Purpose Packing

    1730 Mill Pack

    Thermoset Fiber for Plant-Wide Use

    Slurry Packing

    1830-SSP Slurry Packing

    Removed Easily for Repack

    Multi Service Packing

    412-W Multi-Service Packing

    Inter-Braid Construction; Superior Tensile Strength

    EU Safe Food Packing

    1935 EU Food Safe Packing

    Independently Certified EC 1935/2004 Compliant

    Pump Packing Partnership Benefits

    Creating lasting relationships with reputable suppliers and distributors is useful for increasing your plant’s competitiveness amongst a range of other factors, including:

    • Improve reliability and efficiency of rotating equipment
    • Deliver bespoke pump packing solutions for highly demanding environments
    • Achieve environmental compliance and reduce energy consumption
    • Lower maintenance costs and extend equipment life
    • Increase “Mean Time Between Failure” (MTBF), reduce bearing failures, and lower costs
    • Provide workforce reliability and maintenance training

    Cotter Marketing distributes products from quality suppliers and provides technical expertise on plant operational requirements. This means that in addition to the above benefits of partnership, we’re able to help you achieve a more profitable, efficient, and safe work environment that can help your business succeed.

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    Our Pump Packing Products

    If you’re in need of high-quality products, look no further than Cotter Marketing. We proudly distribute a wide range of products that can add value and longevity to your rotating equipment.

    Pump and valve packing products differ greatly in quality and application. With so many different types of packing available, it can be difficult finding one that suits your machinery and allows it to function in peak condition for years to come.

    Before purchasing pump and valve packing products, it pays to have a thorough look at your available options and to choose a product that’s manufactured to a high standard from a reputable supplier.

    Here are a few of our recommended products from Chesterton:


    DualPac 2212

    This high-performance packing uses Chesterton’s patented DualPac Technology, which differs from traditional braided packing by means of a burn-resistant material on the shaft side. This prevents the packing from wearing out quickly, which is a common cause of equipment breakdowns and malfunctions. Here are a few advantages of the DualPac 2212 pump packing:

    • Multi-purpose packing ideal for demanding applications
    • Minimises scoring of shafts
    • Fewer gland adjustments required
    • Requires little maintenance


    1730 Mill Pack

    This thermoset fibre packing is designed with heat resistance in mind. The 1730 Mill Pack also boasts an excellent minimisation of leakage as well as a reduced power consumption. Reliable across a wide range of applications, this holds up even at very high speeds. Its advantages are:

    • Resistant to abrasion
    • High heat resistance
    • High chemical resistance
    • Leak-proof fibre packing


    1830-SSP Slurry Packing

    Manufactured using a hybrid of graphite along with a carbon yarn reinforcement, the 1830SSP Slurry Pump Packing is a great choice for submersible and mining slurry pump applications. Graphite is resilient for this application on account of its thermal conductivity as well as its ability to generate less friction and abrasion. Its advantages are:

    • Superb chemical resistance
    • Low friction and abrasion
    • Minimises heat generation


    412-W Multi-Service Packing

    Using innovative synthetic composite yarn along with a specially-formulated lubricant, the 412-W Synthetic Multi-Service Packing features superior tensile strength for a pump packing. Its fibrous packing covering is able to absorb more PTFE blocking agents than conventional packing and uses a purified colloidal lubricant that works hard to prevent start-up failures whilst providing continual lubrication during the break-in process. Its advantages are:

    • Greater tensile strength
    • Pure white packing
    • Fibres absorb two times the amount of PTFE blocking agents


    1935 EU Food Safe Packing

    If you’re looking for a food grade compression packing, the 1935 EU Food Safe Packing is safe for food and beverage applications. Although compliance with EC 1935/2004 is mandatory for manufacturers, independent testing is often lacking. That’s where the 1935 EU Food Safe Packing differs. It’s been independently verified and certified for use. Its advantages are:

    • Independently certified for EC 1935/2004
    • Suitable for all food and beverage applications under 230° C
    • Top-notch sealing reliability for multiple applications

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is pump packing made of?

    Pump packing comes in a wide array of different materials and configurations. Some common packing materials include: synthetic PTFE fibres, graphite, and cotton fibres. Pump packing is also filled with various lubricants and blocking agents. Configurations vary depending on the application.

    What is valve packing made of?

    Valve packing materials tend to be more limited than for other packing applications. Two of the most common valve packing materials are flexible graphite and PTFE fibres.

    What is graphite packing used for?

    Graphite packing is ideal for higher shaft speeds and is better at heat conductivity than conventional packing materials. This yields a better heat dissipation.

    What is PTFE packing used for?

    PTFE fibres have a very high chemical resistance, and also boast much lower friction and adhesion than conventional packing materials. They are not as ideal as graphite for higher temperatures.

    What’s the difference between pump packing and mechanical seals?

    While both have their advantages and disadvantages, in brief, pump packing is often available for a lower upfront cost. Pump packing tends to require more frequent maintenance and product loss can be expected when compared to mechanical seals.

    Which pump packing is best for my rotating equipment?

    Be sure to browse through the product catalogue to find a pump packing product that best matches your equipment’s application or contact Cotter Marketing to enquire about your options. Often, a multi-purpose pump packing will do just fine for many plant-wide pump and valve sealing applications.

    What’s the correct packing size?

    In order to determine the correct pump packing size, first measure the shaft diameter and then measure the diameter of the stuffing box. Then subtract the inner diameter size by the outer diameter size and divide by two to obtain the required packing size.

    Can I use pump packing for valves (and vice versa)?

    Some packing products are versatile and can be used for both pump and valve packing applications. For example, the GraphMax Packing is suitable for both applications with its durable and high-quality fibres and lubricants. By using only one type of packing, you simplify inventory and lower costs.

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    For all of your packing needs, contact Cotter Marketing today. Our friendly team members are available to answer your enquiries regarding our pump and valve packing products, as well as a range of other products and services for multiple industries.

    Our other areas of expertise include:

    • Pump solutions
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Metal and concrete coating
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    • Mechanical seals

    Cotter Marketing has been leading the industry in helping clients operate and maintain safe and efficient plant operations with a blend of innovative solutions and over 35 years of experience.