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Types Of Pump Couplings

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    The different types pump couplings are important components in keeping your pump equipment functioning as efficiently as it should be. That’s where Cotter Marketing can help. By offering exclusive products in Ireland, from well-known industrial couplings manufacturers, we’re able to help you identify the right solutions for your specific plant’s needs.

    There are many different types of couplings for various applications, so it helps to have an understanding of what they are and why you need them. These small components connect shafts together, typically pump shafts to motor shafts, thereby enabling the motor to transmit power to the connected pump. Couplings consist of hubs, gears, or springs made of various materials, including synthetic rubbers and metals.

    No matter whether you’re looking for marine flexible prop shaft couplings, drive couplings, shaft couplings, flexseal couplings, hydraulic pump drive couplings, or any other type of hydraulic couplings and accessories, get in touch with Cotter Marketing to have a friendly team member consult with you to identify your options.

    Our technical expertise and industry-leading reputation allow us to distribute, service, and work with plant managers, procurement officers, engineers, and equipment technicians to provide a personalised and practical solution that will keep your operation running competitively and profitably. In addition to many types of pump coupling, we also distribute diaphragm pumps, vacuum pumps, and centrifugal pump.

    Types of pump couplings

    Sure-Flex Plus® Couplings

    types of pump couplings

    Form-Flex® Couplings

    types of pump couplings

    Torsiflex-I Disc Couplings

    Dura-Flex® Couplings

    L-jaw couplings

    L-Jaw Couplings

    types of pump couplings

    G-Flex Grid Couplings

    types of pump couplings

    Rigid Couplings

    Cotter Marketing Partnership Benefits


    To keep your equipment safe and running smoothly, Cotter Marketing can identify the right products designed to meet the heavy duty needs of your plant equipment. A partnership with us for your pump couplings also benefits you in the following ways:

    • Extend the lifespan of your pump equipment
    • Identify potential axial misalignment, shaft misalignment, and parallel misalignments
    • Enable high torque configurations otherwise impossible to achieve
    • Improve power transmission capability between electric motors and shaft couplings
    • Operate machinery at higher running temperatures safely

    Form a lasting partnership with Cotter Marketing to allow your plant to thrive and succeed. As an exclusive distributor of many types of pump couplings within Ireland, we’ll be happy to provide you with access to gear couplings, sleeve couplings, grid couplings, and pump couplings that will help your plant operate safely and efficiently.

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    Our Pump Couplings Products

    Pump couplings are relatively inexpensive when compared to the machinery to which they’re applied, but that certainly doesn’t mean you should cut back on their quality. Couplings transmit torque and therefore need to be selected for their suitability for bearing potentially high torque as well as gradual wear and tear on your equipment.

    One of our reputable suppliers, CTB Wood’s, carries many flexible coupling products. Here are some of these products:

    Sure-Flex Plus Couplings

    An industry favourite, the Sure-Flex Plus Couplings are certainly flexible couplings known for their ability to absorb shock, end floating, and misalignments that may occur. The coupling design is clean and simple and is made of EPDM and Neoprene and thus these types of pump couplings require no lubrication and no maintenance.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Provides reliable yet quiet operation of equipment
    • ATEX Compliant
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • Can be retrofitted to existing flange couplings


    Torsiflex-I Disc Couplingss

    General industrial applications and pump processes are handled with ease with products like the Torsiflex-I Disc Couplings. This all-metal disc coupling design is sleek and built to be installed and removed easily. It doesn’t require lubrication, yielding less ongoing maintenance over time.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Safe and easy installation and removal from hubs
    • Coupling design permits high torque loads
    • Reduces stress from bolt bending


    Dura-Flex Couplings

    The Dura-Flex Couplings are an ideal flexible coupling solution for a wide range of industrial applications. The sleek coupling design permits superb flex life, even under demanding heavy duty shock loads. This product is available in many different sizes and configurations.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Easy installation and replacement
    • High misalignment rating
    • ATEX Compliant
    • Chemical resistance


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you determine coupling size?

    One of the most common ways to determine coupling size for different types of pump couplings involves the use of a calliper.

    Firstly, insert the inner tips of the calliper within the bowl of the coupling. Next, expand the calliper tips until they’ve reached the full diameter of the bowl. This will yield the correct dimension for the type of pump coupling desired.

    What are shaft couplings?

    Shaft couplings are used to connect two shafts end-to-end. This enables the coupling to transmit power. Normally, couplings prevent you from disconnecting shafts whilst the machinery is in operation, but some couplings are capable of limiting high torque and can be disconnected when a torque threshold has been exceeded.

    Why flexible coupling is preferred over rigid coupling?

    Rigid couplings suffer from being limited in their application. Since they are rigid, they are unable to accommodate shaft misalignments, thus making them usable only where shafts do not experience significant lateral alignment or angular alignment.

    On the other hand, flexible couplings are ideal where skewed alignments are present as they can be installed and thereby compensate for any misalignments between shafts.

    What is flange coupling?

    Flange couplings are used between two cast iron flanges in order to transmit power at low speeds. These types of couplings make use of the flanges, which hold two cast iron hubs within each shaft. Each flange is connected with bolts, forming a ring, which completes the drive. This allows torque to be transmitted from flange to flange and subsequently to the shaft.

    What is a grid coupling?

    Like gear couplings and disc couplings, grid couplings are designed to meet the demands of high torque applications. The coupling design consists of two shaft hubs, a grid, and a horizontal cover kit. Consequently, grid couplings are an ideal solution for applications where you anticipate shock loading.

    What is elastomeric coupling?

    While some types of pump couplings are made of various metals, many are made of elastomeric polymers. This flexible coupling material transmits torque well, and the coupling designs tend to take advantage of the elasticity of this material by allowing it to wear out before metal components are affected.

    Why do couplings fail?

    The main cause of coupling failure is selecting the incorrect type of pump couplings for your equipment. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of product, so be sure to consult with an engineer or equipment technician to ensure that you’re using the correct type of pump coupling. Coupling failure, in this case, may derive from: lack of lubrication (or excess thereof), excessive misalignments, and unsuitable operating conditions.

    Couplings also fail whilst undergoing excessive speeds or when bearing too great a load for what the equipment and/or couplings were designed for.

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    Shopping around for various types of pump couplings needn’t be a hassle. Contact Cotter Marketing to learn how we can assist you identify ideal solutions for your personalised needs. Plant operations of all sorts have their own unique challenges, and that’s where our industry-leading experience, friendly staff, and technical experts can provide you with the means to improve your plant’s safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with informed product choices.

    In addition to different types of pump couplings, Cotter Marketing specialises in the following:

    • Pump and valve packings
    • Gasket and joint seals
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic seals
    • Structural adhesives

    Cotter Marketing has over 35 years of experience assisting plants in various industries achieve success and competitiveness. With our technical expertise and a broad range of quality products designed for heavy duty industrial applications, it makes sense to partner with us and see the benefits for yourself.