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Vacuum Pump Suppliers

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    We are proud to be Ireland’s leading vacuum pump suppliers to industrial and plant operations. Our aim is help your plant operate safely, competitively, and profitably.

    Vacuum pumps have a rich history. They’ve been around for over three and a half centuries and operate on the principle of removing gas molecules from sealed volumes, which leaves behind a partial vacuum. Modern vacuum pumps and systems function across a wide range of industrial applications, including plastic moulding processes, semiconductor production, medical processes, and many more.

    In addition to distributing our vacuum pump range, Cotter Marketing also offer other pump types and ancillaries, including diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps, and pump couplings. If you require industrial pumps in Ireland, our technical expertise and product range are designed to meet your needs for heavy duty industrial applications.

    Get in touch with Cotter Marketing and speak with one of our friendly team members and we’ll endeavour to assist your plant manager, equipment technician, engineer, and procurement officer find the best solutions adapted to your specific needs.

    Vacuum Pump Suppliers

    Pumps for vacuum trucks

    Pumps for fishing vessels

    Pumps for fishing vessels

    Vacuum Pumps Suppliers

    Pumps for industrial applications

    Cotter Marketing Partnership Benefits

    With so many vacuum pumps for sale from various manufacturers, it can be time-consuming and frustrating finding the right vacuum pump suppliers that understand your personalised needs. When you choose to partner with a reputable distributor like Cotter Marketing, you gain access to a superb selection of vacuum pump suppliers. There are many benefits to forming a lasting partnership with Cotter Marketing as your provider of vacuum pumps and systems, including:

    • Securely move and suction waste away from sensitive locations
    • Safely separate potentially hazardous waste from the environment
    • Reduce time spent on the job by rapidly removing waste.
    • Control spillage and contain foul odours
    • Increase flexibility by using vacuum pumps across a wide range of industrial applications

    Don’t waste your time searching for vacuum pump suppliers – partner with Cotter Marketing for your vacuum pumps and systems.

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    Our Vacuum Pump Products

    Vacuum pump brands and models should be able to endure the rigours of your plant and work reliably. That’s why vacuum pump suppliers such as Samson Pumps, one of Cotter Marketing’s quality vacuum pump suppliers, carry various models of vacuum systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

    Here is just a sample of what they offer:

    Vacuum Truck Pumps

    If you own a commercial vacuum truck, slurry tanker, or a septic truck, the Truck Master 1600 is a liquid ring vacuum pump suitable for handling high volumes of waste efficiently and quickly. Built with a cast iron rotor and a stainless steel rotor, you can rest assured that this pump is built to last.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Carries a flow rate of 1600 m3/h
    • High vacuum pump achieving 85% max
    • Maximum pressure of 1.0 bar(g)


    Fish Handling Pumps

    Aquaculture, including fish handling, farming, and processing, can be easily done with the Ocean Master 250. Built to handle the rigours of wet and damp environments, this liquid ring vacuum pump is great for smaller operations but puts out an excellent amount of power for more intensive use, as well.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Efficiently removes fish bones, heads, and skin whilst keeping liquid waste under control
    • Can process up to 310 m3 of fish per hour
    • Maximum pressure of up to 2.0 bar(g)


    Industrial Vacuum Units

    Looking for the ultimate vacuum pump for your industrial operation? The Gamma 3400 will handle anything you throw at it no matter how difficult the task. Designed for harsh applications, this high-end vacuum pump is an ideal choice for meat and poultry processing plants and other industrial applications requiring vacuum systems that are reliable and require little to no maintenance.

    Its features are as follows:

    • Carries a flow rate of over 3400 m3/h
    • Cast iron shell with stainless steel rotor for superb durability
    • Simple and cost-efficient belt-driven system


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are rotary vane pumps used for?

    Rotary vane vacuum pumps are most commonly used in the automobile industry. They are used as hydraulic pumps for power steering, air conditioning, supercharging, and automatic transmission applications.

    In addition to automobiles, rotary vane vacuum pumps can also be used for carbonation of soft drink dispensers and espresso machines in the hospitality industry.

    How do side channel vacuum systems operate?

    Side channel vacuum systems work using the principle of impulse. They take kinetic energy and transfer it to a medium for pumping, whereby it’s converted into pressure. The kinetic energy comes from an impeller, which is mounted on the motor’s shaft and rotates within a side channel.

    Through this process, side channel vacuum systems operate both as vacuum systems and for blasting air. Normally, these vacuum pumps are kept quiet with silencers which are fitted to both the inlet as well as the discharge sides.

    What is a vacuum chamber used for?

    Vacuum chambers are where gases and air are removed with a vacuum pump. They are sturdy chambers and can be made from various materials to withstand regular use. Naturally, larger vacuum chambers have a higher capacity for creating a larger vacuum, whilst smaller chambers are more limited.

    Is there gravity in a vacuum chamber?

    Although in theory a vacuum should be completely free of matter, in practice vacuum chambers do contain gravity. For all intents and purposes, this is fine provided that the vacuum chamber contains a lower pressure than the surrounding area.

    What is high vacuum pump?

    As the name implies, a high vacuum pump is able to clear out a chamber or vacuum system into a high vacuum range (between 10-3 and 10-8 torr). Ulta-high vacuums exist when can create up to a 10-8 torr pressure range.

    How do you maintain a vacuum pump?

    Since there are many brands of vacuum pumps and various models adapted for different applications, always consult the instructions or an equipment technician or engineer to understand the correct frequency and manner of performing maintenance. Some vacuum pumps require less maintenance than others, while some require different tools and techniques.

    Most vacuum pumps require regular oil changes. This is a simple task that can increase the lifespan of your equipment if performed routinely.

    Firstly, remove any dirt, oil, and debris that may be left behind on the vacuum pump with a soft cloth. Large accumulations of dirt and debris may require the use of an industrial degreaser around the exterior before continuing.

    Oil acts as a coolant, sealant, and lubricant for your vacuum pump. As such, it’s important that you regularly perform oil changes to encourage safe and efficient operation of the vacuum pump for years to come.

    There are a few ways to tell when your oil needs to be changed. The easiest is often with a visual inspection. Compare clean, unused oil to a sample taken from the vacuum pump. If you’re noticing a significant difference between the two, such as cloudy or dark spots in the machine’s oil, it should be changed.

    The second method may be more efficient if you own many vacuum pumps and need to perform routine maintenance on all of them. Purchase a micron gauge to quickly and efficiently inspect whether or not the oil needs to be changed in your vacuum pumps.

    Don’t forget to wear personal protective equipment such as gloves whilst changing the pump’s oil.

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    Whether you’re looking for a smaller, portable vacuum pump system or a high-end vacuum pump for heavy duty use, contact us at Cotter Marketing to learn more about how we can help your plant operate safely, efficiently, profitably, and competitively. Our qualified experts have knowledge and expertise servicing, distributing, and consulting with plant managers and engineers on a wide range of products, including:

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